PPro8 Release: Balay Version 0.45 for TMS and Live – Introduction

We are thrilled to announce the release of the PPro8 Balay 0.45 client for trading in the Live and TMS environments on the March 16, 2018.

Thanks to popular demand, we have added Bracket Orders functionality, available only in PPro8 Balay 0.45!

  • Bracket Orders

Bracket Orders are designed for limiting loss and locking in profit by placing a ‘bracket’ on an order, with two opposite-side orders. For example, a buy order can be bracketed by a high-side sell order and a low-side sell stop order.

Bracket Orders can be used for entering new positions as well as managing existing positions. They limit loss while simultaneously locking in profit. And—you can set any combination of buy or sell orders within a bracket.

You can configure a Bracket Order by opening Keyboard Setup: Order Setup Dialog, selecting the Script order option, and then selecting Bracket Order in the Script Namemenu.

Features, Fixes, & Enhancements

Client Framework

  • Enhancement: added verification that PPro8 runs for an administrator user.
  • Enhancement: improved handling of out of sequence packets for Ostats and Quotes.
  • Bug Fix: fixed issues when trying to edit Symbol Name field across tools.


  • Feature: added SendSwiftStop command which allows to send a Stop Order Script via API.
  • Feature: added GetBlotterSnapshot command which allows to request a Refresh from Summary via API.
  • Feature: added Register and SetOutput command support for Manager accounts.
Keyboard Setup
  • Feature: added Bracket Order option to Script Orders section.
News Reader
  • Feature: new tool shows news for the registered symbol, providing full PPro8 integration and effectively replacing the Social Media Monitor.

Stock Window

  • Feature: Bracket Orders now supported.

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