We are pleased to announce the release of the PPro8 ZenoriaStreet 0.27 client for trading in the TMS environment today. This client introduces numerous enhancements and bug fixes as follows.

Key Enhancements and Fixes

  • GetOpenPositions command improved to prevent reporting misleading positions.
  • Added options to CancelOrder command:
    • Symbol=*.* to cancel orders on ALL symbols.
    • Symbol=*.ext to cancel orders on ALL symbols from a specific market.
    • Side=Sell to cancel only Sell orders.
    • Side=ShortSell to cancel only Short Sell orders.
Chart Window
  • Added Fibonacci Retracement.
  • Chart Data Editor now displays data for Currencies symbols.
  • Cursor and Chart Type menus replaced by buttons.
  • Customization Window can be opened without registering a symbol.
Keyboard Setup
  • Added Short Sell side to Cancel Options.
Stock Window
  • Books/level are automatically cleared when server is restarted so Flip symbols to fix stickies is no longer needed.
  • Time of Sales prices now appear correctly.
For more information, see the PPro8 ZenoriaStreet 0.27 Release Notes.
Download and install PPro8 ZenoriaStreet 0.27 today. In this new version of PPro8, traders can log into TMS only, and we expect to enable Live access in the coming days.
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