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September 18, 2019

Dear Manager,

Meet the Expert: Alex Bowles

You can join us on TraderTV.Live today at 9:05 AM Eastern as we welcome Alex Bowles to the show! He’ll be talking about what’s happening on the NEO Exchange in the moment—so tune in a.s.a.p.!

Alex Bowles  
 Business Development, Trading  
NEO Exchange  

Have your traders been trading on NEO lately? If not, here’s why you should take another look at this opportunity…

Exchange Summary: NEO Stock Exchange

  • Canada’s next-generation stock exchange based in Toronto
  • Provides free real-time market data for all NEO-listed securities
  • Provides trading, listings, and related technology services for all Canadian securities
  • Strives to level the playing field by mitigating predatory practices such as HFT
  • Offering enhanced liquidity, greater visibility, lower fees, and a level playing field
  • Formerly known as Aequitas NEO

What does this mean for DTTW™ traders? A better chance against HFTs—due to their latency “speed bumps” on HFTs. This translates into not always being last in line to get shares on a quick move, which spells opportunity for event-based profits and more opportunities against human counterparts, and as traders we’re better! Cha-ching!

  • Exchange Hours: 9:30 AM–4:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Market Extension: TO
  • Trading Mode: TMS & Live
  • Asset Class: Equity
  • Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)
  • Entitlements:
    • We do not have an entitlement package specifically for NEO
    • Entitlement packages are available for TO, VN, and CSE symbols that are traded on the NEO Exchange
    • For more information, please refer to the Canada entitlements chart
  • Order Types: please see the Order Type Reference Guide for complete order type information
  • Gateway: AEQN
  • Fees: please see the Fee Table for complete fee information
  • Top Volume Symbols for August 2019:
    • CCHW.TO
    • HALO.TO
    • HLO.WT.A.TO
    • JUSH.B.TO
    • PGL.TO
  • Available Symbols: TSX
  • Good to Know:
    • Available NEO destinations include Aequitas Lit, Aequitas NEO, and Aequitas NEO-D (dark pool)

How to Trade

To start trading on the NEO market, you will need to:

  1. Request buying power in CAD currency for your traders in Metro: Live Processes: Buying Power: Americas or Metro: TMS Processes: Buying Power: Americas​
  2. For TO (including NEO symbols) and VN symbols, enable TSX entitlements before selecting AequitasLit and AequitasNEO Level2 quotes​ in Metro: Live Processes: Entitlements: Canada or Metro: TMS Processes: Entitlements: Canada
  3. Configure Keyboard Setup in PPro8 by selecting the “NCSA” region, a Canadian market (“CSE”, “Canada TSX”, or “Canada TSX Venture”), the “AEQN” gateway, and  a NEO destination (“Aequitas LIT”, “Aequitas NEO”, or “Aequitas NEO-D”)

Learn More

Want to read more about it? You can check out these resources:

Tune in to TraderTV.Live to hear Alex Bowles!

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