5 Success Secrets You Can Learn from Rob To succeed as a Trading Floor Owner, you don’t have to know how to trade. Rob flourished because he was able to motivate and manage the young students, creating a team of world-class traders. He mentored them and never lost his cool in the frenetic atmosphere of his trading floor. Rob was also skilled with communication, and, above all things, he was driven to succeed. With the same training and support from us, you may be able to do the same. Robert grew up in Budapest, Hungary. By the age of 21, he had graduated with a degree in Business and Commerce, and he was ready to face the world. Although there were many opportunities for a bright and enterprising person like him, Robert took his initiative in a different direction and pursued the Day Trade The World™’s Trading Floor opportunity that he discovered through a close childhood friend. Starting and managing a new business have strong impact on one’s life. Rob didn’t know anything about the stock markets, but the idea of having his own Trading Floor where young traders could trade the World Markets making high profits was too tempting for him. Time to Start Robert had ambition, and he was driven to succeed. He started the office with a partner in 2005, investing money out of pocket to buy 14 powerful computers that traders could use to buy and sell stocks. Rob and his partner did not go it alone. Instead, they worked with Day Trade The World™’s staff to set up the trading floor network, install the required software and get the computers ready. DTTW also provided Rob with full training and technical support, and with the necessary trading software before providing him with the capital his traders needed to trade. From Zero to Hero With all this, Rob was ready to go. He and his partner hired local university students, training them to learn the ins and outs of market inefficiencies. It was hard work but after only four months, Rob’s Trading Floor started to profit. A Photo of an actual Trading Floor But Rob did not take his success for granted. To keep the profits growing, he continued to hire more traders, and he made tough choices about letting some of his traders go when they did not make money. These high standards paid off, and at one point, Rob’s Trading Floor in Budapest had 37 traders working at the same time. $27,000 in a day Part of this incredible success was possible because of the training from Day Trade The World™. Rob understood the Three Pillars of Success™, applied them to his Trading Floor, and most days his office made more than $10,000. On their very best day, Rob’s team earned $27,000. The partnership with Day Trade The World™ did not end there. In 2006, Rob’s office suffered from a serious technical issue, which kept his traders from getting their work done. DTTW’s technical support provided prompt help, and by the afternoon, Rob had his team at work again, profiting from the markets. Time to Retire After two years of successful results, Rob bought his partner out. It was only five years later that Rob made the choice to retire. Given the success, he was able to step away from the demands of the trading floor and spend time with his young family in 2010.

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