Six Top Benefits for Trading in the Financial Market

More than twenty years ago, Day Trade The World (DTTW) pioneered the world of decentralized trading office operations. Today, the company operates trading office from around the world. It has helped nurture the careers of thousands of people who are now successful trading office specialists.

The success of the company comes from a deep understanding of the market, the quality of the team, and the love of the financial markets.

In this article, We will highlight the key benefits that you can get by trading in the financial market.

What is the financial market?

The financial market refers to a place where investors and traders buy and sell key financial assets. Among the most popular assets in the market are stocks, commodities, currencies, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, and other derivatives.

The size of this market is extremely big. For example, according to estimates, currencies worth more than $5.2 trillion. The volume of the stock market is worth more than $50 billion every day.

How to trade the financial market

The finance industry has seen significant changes. In the past, the industry was only available to large investors and traders from hedge funds and other large investment banks.

Today, the industry has been decentralised. In the United States, more than 11 million people are trading in their Robinhood accounts every day. Globally, many forex brokers have come up and enabled millions of people from around the world to trade the financial market.

In fact, many people, including those in the developed world are opening an account with as little as $200.

To trade successfully, there are several steps you need to follow, including:

  • Understand the finance industry – You can do this by reading books, newspapers, and other financial materials.
  • Select the assets you want to trade – You can decide to trade one asset like stocks or multiple assets like cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and commodities.
  • Learn about fundamental analysis – This refers to using the news and economic data to predict the future movement of an asset. It also refers to using tools like the economic calendar, level 2, and time and sales.
  • Learn about technical analysis – In this, you learn how to use technical indicators and other price action analysis tools.
  • Practice with a demo account – Use a demo account to practice what you have learned. You should also use this time to create your trading strategy and plan.

In total, from a beginner to a real trader, it can take about three months or more to achieve this.

Difference between a day trader and investor

There are several approaches to the financial market. You can decide to be a long-term investor like Warren Buffett or a day trader like Jim Simmons. At DTTW, we encourage people to focus on day trading, which is a better approach.

The difference between the two is that long-term investors hope to buy an asset today and hold it for a few years. For example, Warren Buffett has held his stake in Coca-Cola for more than 30 years. While this is a good approach, it is also risky since no one knows what will happen during this period.

Traders, on the other hand, focus on buying or shorting an asset and exiting the trade within a few hours (or minutes). This is usually a better approach since you can make money regardless of the direction it moves.

Also, it is a good approach because you can easily predict what will happen within a day.

Working at Your Own Terms

Working for a company is a good thing especially when you have a guaranteed salary. However, the reality is that working for yourself is usually better. This is mostly because when you do so, you work at your own terms without anyone bossing you around. This means that you can make decisions based on your interests.

For example, you can wake up at your preferred times, you can take vacations any time you want, and you can hire anyone you like. As you become more experienced in this business, you will start seeing the freedom that come from working under your terms.

The Case for Starting a Profitable Trading Office

Avoid Inconveniences

As a trader, you can avoid the multiple inconveniences that come from working for another company. For example, you don’t need to wake up in the morning and rush to the office. Since you will be working at home or in a shared office, you will be at a good position to avoid the many inconveniences such as heavy traffic.

Work at any time

Another beauty of the financial market is that you can work at any time. This means that you don’t need to have a specific period when you will be working. This is mostly because of the fact that the market is usually open on a 24 hours basis every day Monday to Friday.

Another benefit is that the market forces you to rest on weekend. This is because markets are usually closed on Saturday and Sunday. If they weren’t, many people would be forced to trade even during the weekend.

The Time of the Day. Why it Matters in Day Trading?

A Less Expensive Way to Start

Unlike other businesses, to become a trader and open a trading office with us is not very expensive. This is mostly because you don’t need a lot of fixed capital investments to start with. Many traders We know started being engaged in the industry with just their laptops.

You don’t need an office to get started and you also don’t need a lot of money. In fact, it is possible to get started with just less than $1000. For other businesses, it is almost impossible to do this.

Opportunity for Growth

There are many opportunities for growth in the financial market. This is mostly so if you have an ambition to grow in the financial industry by even working in the large firms. If you successfully run your office well and show that you are experienced in this industry, you can easily get a job at the biggest firms. This is because these firms will always prioritize the people who perform well than those who don’t.

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