Start of North America Daylight Saving Time – Introduction

Please be advised that a time change was taken place in North America on Sunday, March 11, 2018, for the start of Daylight Saving Time. On that date, clocks in the US and Canada moved forward by one hour.

Please take this time change into account and inform your traders accordingly.

Also, in accordance with Daylight Saving Time changes in the US, March 11,2018, Brazil adjested their equities and futures market trading hours as follows:

  • Bovespa equities: 09:00–15:55 ET (closing auction from 15:55–16:00 ET)

  • Ibovespa/Mini Ibovespa Futures: 07:00–16:55 ET

  • US Dollar/Mini US Dollar Futures: 07:00–17:00 ET

Please note that Day Trade The World™  offered access to futures only until 16:15 ET.
While the aftermarket session will now be available in the Bovespa equities market, given the illiquid nature of that session, traders should still be getting flat in the closing auction.

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