Stocks Investors: Six Global Companies to watch out for Second Quarter

For stocks investors, the beginning of a new quarter provides a fresh start to change their strategies and tweak their portfolios. In this article, We will look at a number of stocks that you need to watch in this quarter.

Wirecard | Germany

Wirecard is a German payment processor that is a member of the DAX index. This year, the company has seen its stock price decline by more than 12% after reports by Financial Times showed a number of irregularities. As a result, the German regulator banned shorting the stock, in a bid to prevent further downside risks. As the stock declined, it led to a much lower DAX index. Therefore, this quarter, traders should watch out for further details.

Boeing | United States

A few weeks ago, the stock price of Boeing declined sharply after a major accident that involved the Boeing 737-Max of Ethiopian airlines. The accident came five months after another similar accident, that involved the same model. This led to Boeing’s stock having a sharp decline as investors expected more cancellations and fines. Therefore, this will be a major stock to watch as investors continue to wait and see what will happen on the company.

Bayer | Germany

Bayer is a large German conglomerate that has seen its stock price decline sharply in the past few months. This is after a lawsuit alleged that a chemical manufactured by Monsanto led to cancer. Monsanto was recently acquired by Bayer in a deal worth more than $63 billion. Shortly after the acquisition, the court awarded a plaintiff millions of dollars. More patients are likely to emerge, which means that the company will be required to pay billions of dollars. Therefore, this will be a key company to watch out for in the quarter.

Deutsche Bank | Germany

Deutsche Bank has fallen from grace in the past few years. This is after the company received huge fines from US regulators following the 2008/9 financial crisis. At the time, the bank famously refused to take government money. In recent months, talk has been that the bank is considering a merger of equal with its rival, Commerzbank. This deal has been supported by Germans and top shareholders. Therefore, as the merger talks continue, traders will pay close attention to the company.

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Apple | United States

Apple is the biggest company in the world by market cap. In recent years, the company has seen its stock decline as its sales of the iPhones declines. Last week, the company unveiled its latest suite of products as it tries to pivot to the services sector. In the quarter, investors will pay a close attention to the company and whether the new pivot is working.

Tencent | China

Tencent is one of the biggest Chinese company, with a market cap of almost $500 billion. The company operates some of the biggest brands in the world such as WeChat and QQ. It also owns leading game publishers like Epic, which owns Fortnite. In recent months, the company has seen its stock price weaken because of a Chinese directive for more oversight on mobile games. As such, traders will continue to watch out for this company and how it will pivot.


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