Interview with a Trading Floor Manager

TORONTO - With more than 9 years of experience as Trading Floor Manager, Shawn (33) is one of the most active Day Trade The World™'s Trading Floor Owners. He spent a few minutes with us to answer some frequently asked questions. Read them below.

Shawn, what do you like the most about this business idea?

The best thing is the simple fact that everyday is different. day trade the world reviewThis is not a job at a bank, or a trade desk, this is a job where the highs and lows will be present everyday. Will this be a great day for the floor? Will my traders be able to take advantage of what they see on the charts and make today one of their best days ever? You are also running your own small business with the Trading Floor, and each day/week/month could make or break your business, for me that is enough to make this the perfect job for me. It is also very rewarding when you see your students graduate and start their path to becoming a professional trader, the success of who you hire directly relates to your bottom line.

How was your best day as a manager?

My best day is one in which we had one of our best days monetarily on the floor ever. Our traders were researching all week a certain market moving event that would occur at the close, and they were preparing to execute trades on many symbols in all markets. As a team, myself and the traders searched our resources and gathered as much information as possible in order to arm ourselves for the close. By the end of the day, almost every trader on the floor had doubled their monthly net at the time, the emotions and energy on the floor were explosive. Everyone was extremely happy and pleased with the results of the trades and it really hit home the importance of research and understanding of market movements. Since that day, the traders became more inquisitive and information seeking than ever, as a result our profits continue to rise.

How does Day Trade The World™ help you to run your trading floor?

From day one, Day Trade The World™ supports you in all aspects of your business. They give you the capital that your traders use to trade, advanced technology, and training. With expert IT support regarding the initial connection to the servers, all the way to simply downloading the software they are here for you everyday. IRC is also a great way to communicate with your Trade Support Representative (TSR), if you have market related questions or anything regarding trader accounts/issues, they are always there for support.job2 Day Trade The World™ also does a great job with adding new markets and communicating the rules, regulations and fee structure to you and your floor. Any current market structure changes or regulations are always sent out via email giving you the information you need. There are frequent conference calls with many of the different Electronic Communication Networks and market participants that allow for education and questions answering that you would not get anywhere else.

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