The Best Commodities all Traders Should Try

The Best Commodities all Traders Should Try – Introduction

You possibly love trading stocks, currencies, or indices. To many traders, these are the most important financial assets to trade. However, to others, the best assets are commodities. This is because of the integral role the commodities play in the world economy.

Think about a world without crude oil or a world without corn and coffee. How would it be?

In fact, commodities are the most important assets in the world without which, other assets would not exist. For example, without crude oil, a country like Saudi Arabia would not have a meaningful economy. Without dairy and other agricultural products, the New Zealand’s economy would not be as strong as it is today.

All commodities are not equal. Traders should consider the liquidity and the access to financial information of the commodities before trading.

  • Crude Oil

This is the most important commodity in the world. It enables mobility and the production of other commodities. For example, without it, farmers would not be able to produce crops in large scale.

The benefit of trading in crude oil is the easy access to financial news about it. In terms of liquidity, it is the most liquid crude oil. In addition, you can easily interpret the financial data about it by simply understanding the readily available data on demand and supply.

  • Gold

Gold is a very important metal, which is found deep inside the earth’s crust. For centuries, gold was used a currency during the exchange of goods and services. Since its supply was limited, governments adopted fiat currencies which are usually backed by gold. As a result, most investors and governments buy and invest in gold as a store of value. As a raw material, gold has no major uses apart from jewellery and ornaments. Traders should try trading in gold because of its volatility and the access to its news.

  • Natural Gas

Natural Gas is also found deep inside the earth’s crust. The gaseous commodity is mostly used as a source of energy. Most power plants are now moving from coal to the natural gas. As more countries have discovered natural gas deposits, and as technology get advanced, the supply of natural gas has become more than the demand making its price decline from $15 to under $3. Traders should try this commodity because of the access to information and volatility.

  • Palladium

A few years ago, no one used to talk about palladium. In fact, most people didn’t know what it was and what it does. Then, last year, it outperformed all commodities, including its close sister, platinum. Palladium is used in the manufacture of vehicles and machinery as a catalytic converter. You should try it because of the rising demand as more investors start focusing on it.

  • Cocoa

Cocoa is an important agricultural commodity that mostly comes from Ivory Coast and Ghana. It is used to make beverage drinks and chocolates. In the past, eating chocolate was mostly a reserve of Western countries. Today, countries in Asia are discovering the sweetness of chocolate. At the same time, the producers of Cocoa are embracing technology to improve yield. All this, coupled with the low oil prices has made the price of cocoa decline.

As I mentioned above, all commodities are not created equal. As a result, before you start trading on commodities, you should do a lot of research to understand the dynamics of demand and supply.

The Best Commodities all Traders Should Try – Useful Tips:

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