The Best Free Online Resources that Will Help You Make Better Trading Decisions :Introduction

The finance industry plays a very important role in all countries. This is because it powers the other industries through its lending services. For example, without the finance industry, it would be impossible for companies to access the capital that they need to thrive. To provide this capital, the industry has innovated and introduced many products such as stocks, bonds, and CFDs. As traders, we take advantage of these products to make money.

To take advantage of the financial industry, companies use different types of services. For example, large investment groups use services from companies like Reuters and Bloomberg to get cutting edge news and analytics. Others use research firms like Moody’s, S&P Global, and Fitch Analytics to get insights. Sadly, for many traders, all these services are not affordable. For example, a subscription of Bloomberg Terminal costs more than $20,000 per year. Fortunately, there are some companies you can use for free to get quality insights.

Investing is one of the best website and apps for traders in the world. The company provides all the breaking news, technical analysis, and the economic calendar. Its calendar is one of the best in the world. Its platform is updated by the minute and the information provided is aggregated from hundreds of sites. It is also one of the free products where you can get insights into stocks from around the world.

TradingView is an online platform that provides the capability for deep analysis. It also provides crowdsourced technical analysis. You can use it to find what other traders are trading and how they apply technical analysis for research. It has hundreds of built-in indicators and hundreds of other crowdsourced analysis.


Webull is a relatively new mobile app for Android and iOS. The app enables traders to get information about the financial market. You can search its database of thousands of global stocks. During the trading day, you can use the Streams feature to get breaking news as they happen.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is one of the best platforms for getting the latest news and analysis about US stocks. It is used by millions of people every day. Its web and mobile platforms give traders the capability of getting up-to-minute information, which is aggregated from multiple sources. The only problem with Yahoo Finance is that it does not feature stocks from most emerging markets.

WSJ, FT, and Bloomberg

These are the biggest financial websites in the world. However, they don’t provide their products for free but it is possible to get all the functionalities for free. You can do this using two methods. First, you can use plugins that enable you to bypass the paywall. One of the best plugins is called Bypass which you can find in Mozilla Firefox browser. An alternative method is to use a separate browser and block cookies. This will only apply to Bloomberg which has started using a Paywall.


If you trade in stocks, StockTwits is a great app for you. The app is simply a twitter for traders. It is a platform where traders and investors take time to share and read analysis from other traders. The app allows people to write and share advice and insights on the markets.


BabyPips is an online school for traders. This is the best platform for any new person who wants to give trading a trial. It educates the traders from the preschool until the university level. It has all the resources that you need to become a better trader.

The Best Free Online Resources that Will Help You Make Better Trading Decisions :UsefulTips



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