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Stock Market Books – All you need to know

You are interested in learning more about stock market trading. You are in luck because 10 stock market books that were ever written are currently in print. You will only need to decide which one can offer the advice you need to achieve your goals before reading these stock market books.

Stock Market Books – Top 10 Best Stock Market Books


1) How to Make Money in Stocks – William O’Neil



This book was rated as one of the “best stock market books” that offers you lessons in the technical analysis and fundamental analysis of stock market trading. It gives you the skills you need to create your own way of investing in the stock market. Positive: It provides you with several thorough examples of well-outlined strategies. One negative is the fact that it is promoting a website called “” It’s not necessary to buy this service. You can achieve the same results for free by creating your own stock screeners. In the stock market books this is a popular one.


2) Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard * New for 2014 – Mark Minervini This stock market books  teaches you how to do technical analysis and apply it in a real-world setting. It also provides you with strategies and knowledge that make it a must-have in your stock market book library.blank




3) Winning on Wall Street – Martin Zweig If you are a serious stock market investor, you need these stock market books. It covers everything from blank technical analysis to the   fundamentals to economics.  One of the best things about this book is that it goes into detail about how to evaluate the business environment’s impact on the stock market.One problem is that it needs more charts. It’s not easy to manually calculate some of the systems, and they are hard to maintain. But it is still worth a read for the ones searching for a decent stock maker books.

4) Technical Analysis Explained – Martin J. Pring

This is such a good stock market book that it has been named a “Bible of Technical Analysis.” As a technical analyst, Martin J. Pring is an expert at giving you detailed information. If you are going to be a serious or professional technical analyst, you must read this book. With so much information in one place, you may begin to feel blankoverwhelmed. It does not contain fundamental analysis. You would need to read this text and the “Liberated Stock Trader Book” to receive technical analysis and fundamental analysis.


5) One Up on Wall Street – Peter Lynch This Stock market book  is very simple, so it is great for beginners. It will help you use the knowledge you already have to find companies that are worth your investment.  The text is fun and easy to blank read and written by someone who enjoyed great success picking winning stocks.echnical analysis, strategies and charts are rare.


6) Full of Bull: Do What Wall Street Does, Not What It Says, To Make Money In the Market – Stephen T. McClellan Stephen T. McClellan is an insider, so he knows how Wall Street’s financial analysts work. Analysts can speak in a confusing manner. Sometimes, they make people think one thing when another is actually the truth. Afteblankr reading this book, you will know what these analysts are saying and what you should do with their advice. The best lesson I learned is to never trust any of these analysts again. I also know that I have to do my own research before I invest. Positive: The author tells us that companies manipulate their earnings. We also learn that CEOs of large companies influence what the analysts tell us. Negative: Although it is interesting, reading this book can be a little tiring. Make sure you grab this stock market book.


7) Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets – John J. Murphy If you are a technical trader, you must fully understand technical analysis. John J. Murphy’s text is one stock market book that provides you with an understanding of stock charts and indicators. Positive: The New York Institute of Finance published it, so it is written well and easy for you to understand. Therefore, it is one of my favorite texts about technical analysis. Negative: The author didn’t do any back tests to make sure that the blank information can be used in the real world.



8) The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham Benjamin Graham is known as the “Father of Value Investing,” and he is known for influencing Warren Buffet’s style of trading. Positive: The author has a wealth of knowledge and intuition that he gives you in the pages of blankthis book. Jason Zweig updated it by offering current examples that prove Graham’s ideas are useful for today’s economy. Negative: The book is 623 pages long and is not very much fun to read. It requires that you have at least one pot of coffee before you can finish it.


9) Stock Market Wizards – Interviews with America’s Top Stock Pickers (3rd in the series) – Jack SchwagerThe author only chose to interview the best traders for this book. That’s why it would be such a great buy for you. It doesn’t contain any strategies, but it does explain in detail what investors are doing in the stock market. Positive: This latest edition is an improvement because it is much easier to read than the last one. Great interviews make it worth buying. You will not learn strategies that you can use in your trading because the people interviewed did not want to give too much away.blank


10) Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets – Stan Weinstein This is still one of the best stock market books in existence even though it was written in the 1980s. The author wrote about technical analysis in a way that makes it easy to understand and apply. It is enjoyable to read. Positive: The author explains what bull and bear markets are and how to successfully combine price breakouts and volume increases. Negative: Because the book is around 30 years old, the advice is outdated. Therefore, you will not learn how to use modern indicators and current technologies. Now that you have a list of stock market books with descriptions, you will be able to make an informed choice. Select one or all 10, and you will receive a thorough education in stock market trading.blank


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