Top Free Tools to Boost Your Trading

Top Free Tools to Boost Your Trading – Introduction

I am often asked by some of my students about the best tools to use as a trader. One of the reason they ask the question is because of the pricing of the common products like Bloomberg Terminal and Reuters which costs thousands of dollars per month. In this article, I will highlight a few products you should use to boost your trading.

  • TradingView

As a trader, technical analysis is very important. In fact, it is impossible to make money without doing good technical analysis. While most trading platforms, including DTTW, provide quality charting platforms, TradingView has one of the best platforms in the market. It has thousands of financial assets as well as thousands of built-in and crowdsourced indicators.

  • is probably the best free website and app for traders. The website has the best economic calendar, top charts, and thousands of technical indicators. In addition, it has the best news syndication which allows traders to get the best latest news and opinions from the leading traders.

  • Bloomberg

Bloomberg is the world’s largest financial data company. Sadly, its top terminal products are unaffordable to most traders. They are mostly used by hedge funds and large money managers. Still, the company’s website and mobile applications give you the best news and opinions from influential leaders. They conduct interviews with top professionals including CEOs and inventors.

  • Reuters and CNBC

Reuters is the second largest financial data company after Bloomberg. It has a news service that brings thousands of stories every day. Equally CNBC is the most popular financial news station with millions of viewers every day. The two platforms are a must for any trader because they bring new stories and breaking news every day.

  • Webull

Webull is a mobile app, similar to that of The only difference is that Webull does not have a web-based platform. The platform is important for receiving breaking news and for analyzing charts when trading. The app is updated regularly with new features.

  • StockTwits

Stocktwits is the biggest chat platform for financial professionals. It is simply the Twitter for the financial markets. To use it, you just need to create a free account and then start sharing content and reading shared content. It is an important resource for anyone with interests in the financial markets.

  • Seeking Alpha

This is a platform for crowdsourced financial content and analysis. Since getting investing research is very expensive for most people, the platform gives them access to research written by ordinary analysts. If you want to do a research for any financial asset, then, you should take time to read the content from Seeking Alpha. For years, I have gained a lot of insights by using Seeking Alpha.

  • Yahoo Finance

While many would ignore Yahoo’s products, the Yahoo Finance app is a very important tool for traders. The product has excellent news and products for screening assets that are often very important for traders. I regularly use the apps to find more about companies and other financial assets. You can download the mobile apps or use the web-based platform.

  • FxStreet

This is one of the most important forex trading website. The website contains regularly-updated forex analysis articles and up-to-date news.

Top Free Tools to Boost Your Trading – Useful Tips:


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