Top Podcasts That Will Help Improve Your Trading Career

Top Podcasts That Will Help Improve Your Trading Career – Introduction

Podcasts have become very common these days. Television programs like Fareed Zakaria GPS and Bloomberg Technology have created podcasts to reach to a wider base. Many advertisers are today using podcasts to reach more people. Fortunately, there are podcasts in every area. For example, there are many podcasts that range from cats to love and relationships. In this article, I will look at some of the best podcasts that will help you improve your trading career.

To listen and subscribe to podcasts, you can use the default podcast app in the iPhone. If you have Android devices, you can use applications like TuneIn, Spotify, and Castbox.

  • Freakonomics

Freakonomics is a podcast by Steven Dubner who came to fame after authoring a book by the same name. The book is highly regarded by many people around the world especially for expressing economics in a simple language. The Freakonomics podcast is released every Thursday morning and is listened by thousands of people around the world. The podcast has featured guests as diverse as Jim Yong Kim, the World Bank President, TV personality Charlie Rose, and Vanguard founder, Jack Bogle. As a trader, Freakonomics will not tell you the best investments to make. Instead, it will open up your mind to simple things that can change your economic life.

  • CFR Podcasts

CFR is a podcast by Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which is a global think tank focused on economic and foreign relations issues. CFR has thousands of experts from around the world who come from different fields. Every week, the organization hosts a podcast that discusses key issues such as the impacts of a trade war and the Paris Climate Agreement. The benefit of listening to the podcast is that it exposes you to the key issues that are happening in the world. Hence, you are able to anticipate change when it happens.

  • This Week in Startups

This is a podcast focused on technology. It is hosted by Jason Calacanis, one of the best known technology investors who has invested in several companies like Uber and Dropbox. He is also a regular contributor at CNBC where he shares his ideas on the next phase of technology. In the podcast, Jason interviews several founders of startups. He also interviews top leaders in the technology space. Some of his guests are Reid Hoffman who founded LinkedIn, and Brit Morin the founder of Brit + Co. As with the previous podcast, This Week in Startups will give you information on the technology sector and the key trends to look at.

  • How I Built This

This is a podcast provided by NPR. In the podcast, Guy Raz interviews top entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses. He has interviewed people like Jim Koch (founder of Samuel Adams), Jann Wenner (founder of Rolling Stone), andMiguel McKelvey, the founder of WeWork. Like I have mentioned before, being a trader is similar to being an entrepreneur. Being a trader means doing everything that entrepreneurs do. Therefore, listening to what other entrepreneurs have done is very helpful.

  • Chat With Traders

This is a podcast where the interviewer (Aaron Fifield) interviews day traders. He searches for day traders from around the world and interviews them. This is a very important podcast because it introduces you to different aspects from trading that you can never find anywhere. Aaron releases a new episode once per week. He has interviewed people like Sheelah Kolhatkar who wrote an interesting book on Steve Cohen which I mentioned a few weeks ago. He has also interviewed traders like Morgan Slade, Nell Sloane, and Darren Reed among others.

  • Market Place

This is a show hosted by Kai Rysdall. The show, which airs in many radio stations presents and intersections between economics and life. In the show, Kai interviews people from different fields who discuss different issues and how they impact the market. For example, last week, they talked about Anthony Scarramucci, the new communications director in the Trump’s whitehouse and how his appointment could impact the markets.

Other notable podcasts are: Bloomberg Markets, Surveillance, Don’t Talk about Your Stocks, and Trading Story.

Top Podcasts That Will Help Improve Your Trading Career – Useful Tips:

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