Trader Go Live Training Module

The Trader Go Live Training module is currently available to all traders in Metro. Any office whose traders do not see the module must notify us as soon as possible via mojo. This module was released to all traders on May 1, 2017 (reference).
For all traders currently in TMS-only, and all new traders going forward, successful completion of the Trader Go Live Training module is a requirement to enable the TMS-to-Live process for that trader.

All traders who have already moved from TMS to Live have until 4:00 PM ET on Friday, May 26, 2017 to successfully complete the module. Failure to do so by the deadline will result in all market access being restricted pending a further review by surveillance and risk personnel.

We recommend that you urge your Live traders to complete the module as soon as possible to avoid any risk of missing the deadline. No extensions will be given.

Traders can find the module in Metro: General Processes: Training Modules – Traders: Trader Go Live Training. It is available in Chinese (CH) and English (EN). Traders may choose the language they prefer.

For more information, read the Trader Go Live: Training Modules Process Manual. For traders, the manual is available on TIP.