Day Trade The World™ is proud to offer our SUPR Super Router destination, which many traders are using as their main route to remove liquidity.

Read on for an overview of the benefits and opportunities to using this route.

When traders are removing liquidity and their order is routed, they often cannot control the amount they will be charged.The SUPR Super Router resolves this issue by giving a flat fee, outlined below, which is lower than the typical route away fee in US markets.

Comparison of Super Router to Typical Route Away Fee
Super Router Flat FeeTypical Route Away Fee in US
This destination routes to multiple venues that provide midpoint liquidity, which allows traders to receive better pricing on their fills.
Our Super Router has a near-100% fill rate, which helps make it the premier destination for removing liquidity.
You can access this order type through the ‘SUPR’ gateway in NQ, NY, and AM markets, under the ‘Super Router’ destination.
This destination has been a huge success for our traders, so don’t miss out. Tell your traders to try the Super Router today!

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