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How can a good trading platform make a positive difference to a day trader? A day trader should really consider the trading platform that they are currently using. Not all systems are equal. Some systems are specifically made for day trading. These systems will have tools that will help a day trader make split second decisions. There are several aspects of a trading system that should be considered.

1. Is the system stable? The stability of a trading system is probably the most important thing. (Most traders probably think speed is the most important.) Stock quotes and stock executions must be reliable and stable. Some systems have significant downtime. You must ensure you have as much trading time as possible, since this will ensure you are connected to the market to take advantage of all the opportunities that may present themselves.

2. Is the system fast? The speed of a trading system is extremely important. When you see a great trading opportunity, you want to make sure that you can take full advantage of it. You will not be the only trader that is seeing that opportunity and you want to make sure you can he first to make the trade. Speed is important in both seeing the trade and making it. So make sure the system you use is very fast.

3. Does the system have stock charts? Stock charts are very important to a trader. Stock charts are essentially a way of tracking the previous transaction throughout the life of a stock. A good charting program will let you run countless technical studies on a stock. Using these studies, you will be able to identify patterns in the history of a way a stock trades. Hopefully a day trader will see future trading opportunities in stocks’ historical patterns.

4. Does the trading platform have a good support team? There are two reasons that a trader may need support from his or her platform provider. The first being that, no matter how stable a trading platform is, there are always issues. These issues can be in the network connecting the trading system to the stock market or with the stock market itself. A strong support team can make sure you are aware of all of the issues in a timely manner. The second reason is that a good trading platform will have a lot of features that a trader can take advantage of. A good support team will be able to explain the tools and help a trader learn to use them. When considering what trading platform to use to day trade, a trader must consider all of these things.

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