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When selecting a stock market to day trade there are many things a day trader must consider. First off, any stock market in the world can be a great one to day trade. As long as the stock market itself is eligible for day trading. The stock market must allow you to settle both your buys and sells on the same trading day. There are some stock markets in Asia that do not allow you to do this, but overall roughly sixty percent of the world stock markets will allow day trading.

  • A trader must make sure they do his or her research about the overall stock market to ensure this is possible.
  • A day trader must make sure that they have all the tools necessary to trade.
  • The trader must make sure that his or her trading platform can trade the stock market. The trading platform must have connections to the market for execution and local stock quotes.
  • The trader has to make sure that he or she has access to news and stock charts for stocks in that market. To be a successful day trader, you must make sure you do not have an informational disadvantage to other traders in that stock market.
  • A day trader must have the proper tools, trading system and information to trade.

A day trader must make sure that the microstructure of the stock exchange is conducive to day trading. The spreads on the stock market should not be much tighter than the cost of trading. The trader must make sure that they are not disadvantaged by pricing. If other traders on the exchange have lower trading commissions, they will have many more opportunities to trade and will be at a significant advantage. The stock market should also have some intra-day volatility, so that there are opportunities to actually “day” trade the market.

If you are a day trader successfully trading a stock market and are looking to expand into a new market, make sure the new market has as many of the elements that have led to your success in the market you trade. Take your time to do your research and consider the points discussed here and you should have no problem finding more stock markets to day trade. Some trading platforms like the one at Day Trade the World offer access to stock markets all over the world.


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