Trading Capital

Get the capital you need for the trades you want.

Become a Trader or Start a Day Trading Business

Get the right amount of trading capital

Each trader on your trading floor starts with $50,000 USD for trading markets such as NYSE (AMEX), NASDAQ, Toronto Stock Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange, Bovespa, and all other American markets and $400,000 USD for trading on Forex markets.

Flexible trading capital at your fingertips

As the performance of your traders improves, they can unlock additional trading capital.

Need more? Maybe less to manage your risk?

No problem. Simply submit a request through our trading floor management portal and we’ll get back to you with a decision, often within 24 hours or less.

Manage capital for each of your traders

Need to manage your risk on an individual trader level?

Our trading floor management portal makes it easy to allocate trading capital for individual traders.

If you need to give an experienced trader more and a new trader less capital, we’ve built flexibility and risk management into our system for greater control.

You too can succeed in day trading

Thousands of day traders, business people, recent graduates, entrepreneurs and ordinary individuals use our training and capital to make money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of trading capital can a trader receive to start?

When a trader is just starting out, they can receive capital for trading on 50+ global markets. While in training mode, they are automatically approved for the maximum buying power available for all currencies.

In live trading mode, traders can be automatically approved for buying power up to set limits, after which point an explanation is required stating the reason for the higher request. These requests are reviewed and either approved or denied by the Risk Team.

If you provide me with your capital to trade, how will you trust me if you don’t know me or if I don’t have any experience?

We are confident in the success of our business model and in our relationships with all our trading partners. So much so, that we provide capital and full training to all new trading offices.

Additionally, we have strong security and risk mechanisms in place that prevent anyone from exploiting our resources.

How much capital should I budget to run an effective and efficient trading office?

Budgeting requirements vary from office to office. Be sure to budget enough funds to cover monthly entitlements fees for markets you want to trade, and for operational expenses arising from running your trading office (office rent/lease, Internet service, telephone service, computer hardware, etc.).

Apart from that, trading capital will be provided to you courtesy of Day Trade The World™ in line with your traders’ performance on the markets.

Get the capital you need for the markets you want

Learn more about the capital we provide to day traders. Fill out the form below and someone from our sales team will get back to you!

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