Trading Offices Profits

When you join DTTW ™, you align with a 20-plus-year-old system with international brand recognition poised for rapid growth.

Weekly Profits

We remain in the vanguard of industry developments so that you can make informed decisions. On this page, we review the trading profits of five Trading Offices.For the sake of arming yourself with ample knowledge, we recommend analyzing this information.same software, training platforms, coaching programs, and online training tools.

Median and Mean Q1 2022

Start of WeekEnd of WeekMean (PNL in USD)Median (PNL in USD)

Offering the Highest Payouts in the Industry

Your success is our success. What’s more, you’ll find great comfort in knowing that we enlist the help of the best stockbrokers across the globe.Best of all, we guarantee fair compensation. Our trading office owners receive the recognition and profits they’re entitled to. Unlike our competitors, we pay out a high percentage of trading profits.In fact, they're the highest in the industry.For the last two decades, we’ve remained committed to helping trading office managers thrive. When you place your trust in us, you can rest assured that you’re gaining access to professional services that are rooted in customer service.

Your Cut


Forex, and CME-listed Futures trading.1


U.S., Canadian and Brazilian equities

All other markets

1. Day Trade The World™ takes 9% on Forex and CME-listed futures trading, 11% of all trading profits made on all U.S., Canadian and Brazilian equities and 16% on all other markets, so you would keep 91%, 89% and 84% respectively.