Trading Software: Free Trading Platform

Our trading system is free for our clients, and there
are no monthly software licensing fees charged.
Instead, we earn a small percentage of the profits
generated by the traders on the trading floor,
so we only make money when our clients make money.
Learn more about our Costs & Payouts.

Learn why PPRO8 is the best free day trading software.

Best Day Trading Software: Comparison Table

To show you why PPRO8 is the best day trading software, here is a comparison table of the PPRO8 Trading Software and the most popular trading platforms:


 PPro8™MetaTrader 5Ninja TraderThinkorSwimeSignalMultiChartsSterling Trader PRO
Tradable Securities       
 Email SupportYESYESYESYESYES5am-3pm EST7am-8pm EST
 FAQManagers Wiki MobileYESNONOMulticharts WikiSoftware
 Request FormYESNOYESNONO6.30am-5pmNO
 Manager & Trader  TrainingYESNONONONONONO

Trading Software: Best Trading Platform

Low Latency. Ultra Fast Execution

Our servers are located close to the markets to ensure low latency and fast, reliable executions. We have servers in:

New Jersey

New Jersey for processing orders in North America, in the same datacenter that many U.S. exchanges use for their servers

Hong Kong

Hong Kong for processing orders in Asia


London for processing orders in Europe


Sydney for processing orders in Oceania

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Trading Software API to Customize Your Trading Strategies

Our goal is to provide traders and trading floor owners with more trading opportunities, creating additional money-making opportunities.
That's why the PPRO8 trading platform is enabled with unique API so that expert traders can design custom trading algorithms,
resulting in added profits for all parties involved.

Access 54+ International Stock Markets with PPRO8 Trading Software

The PPRO8 trading system was designed with great flexibility so that all 137 electronic stock markets could be brought into the system.
This flexibility also enables us to install any new market in addition to the existing stock markets,
futures markets and Forex being served. Now that you know more about Day Trade The World's Trading Software, be sure to check these links: