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Learn how the pros make money in any market - and how you can too. Our Training Program for Managers will teach you exactly how to start and run your own Trading Office. For your traders, our Training Program is divided in Theory (Online Courses) and Practice (Training Platform).

Exclusive Training Path

For years now, Trading Office Owners have been asking us,at conferences, over the phone, and via e-mail.
Questions about how they can make a six-figure income, or even a million dollars (!) as a full-time Trading Office Owner.
They want to learn how to trade stocks.

Questions like these:

What’s the recipe to create profitable traders?

How many traders do the most profitable Trading Offices have?

How do I make and keep my Trading Office profitable?

What are the Three Pillars of Success™?

Our Free Online Training Program is:


Be part of the exclusive group of Trading Office owners who benefit from the money-making secrets we learned during our 20+ years of industry experience.

Easy to Use

So you can focus on learning our money-making secrets from the first minute you log in. You will learn how to trade stocks in a short period of time.


Each learning module comes in English, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin - including the audio tracks. And we keep adding new languages!

24hrs Support

Our friendly team of experts is ready to assist you anytime. Contact them by email or chat - whichever you prefer.

Internal Calendar

Schedule your learning as you like using the handy calendar.

Trade only with the world's #1 Day Trading business.

The good news is

Now, as a Day Trade The World™ Trading Office Owner, you can get all the answers to these questions
and learn to trade the markets with our online trading courses.
Why? Because we only make money when you make money.

Learn Our Money-Making Secrets... Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want!

Our new and expanded Web Learning Portal tells you everything you need to do, in the order you need to do it,
to make your Trading Office consistently profitable. and quickly get on track to earn $100,000$200,000…or even $300,000 a year or more - enough to make you a self-made millionaire within the next few years!
Best of all, this trading education program is 100% free if you start a trading office or already own one with us.

How Our Online Trading Courses Works

When trading the stock markets, the money-making opportunities are endless.

That’s why we invest time, money and energies to deliver to you as many profit-making methods and secrets as we can.

Start Your Own Trading Office with just US$500.

Each Module is made of 3 different steps:



If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless. You’ll love how our easy-to-follow presentations make it easy and fun to learn even the most advanced trading strategies.


Check Your Knowledge

Use our clear, no-nonsense quizzes to get an instant feedback on your learning. You pass the test if you get at least 80%.


Reinforce Your Knowledge

Use our innovative TMS to practice what you have learned without the risk of losing money.


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Trading Office Owners Have To Say

Web Learning

“This Web Learning will help us for our Trading Floor Business. I’m looking forward to more knowledge that will help our trading. Thank you very much!”

Become Profitable

“Great initiative! I have learned that teaching others only make you better so if profitable traders teach others, they will only become better. And Day Trade The World™ will make more money, and other offices will do as well.”