Learn everything you need about day trading, from the world of stocks to hiring and motivating your day trading team.

Become a Trader or Start a Day Trading Business

New Managers Training

This course has been developed specifically for new trading floor managers. It covers everything you need to know to get your trading business up and operational, such as:

  • Setting up and getting connected
  • Risk management
  • Market rules & regulations
  • And more!

Training for Day Traders

Our focus in this series of lessons is on teaching you the basics of day trading with the goal of preparing you to make your first trade. It covers everything you need to begin your career as a professional day trader, such as:

  • Market fundamentals
  • Market indexes
  • Circuit breaks, halts and trading timelines
  • And more!

Each module consists of 3 different steps:

1. Watch the video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless. Our easy-to-follow presentations make it easy and fun to learn even the most advanced trading strategies.

2. Check what you’ve learned

Use our clear, no-nonsense quizzes to get instant feedback on your progress. You pass the test if you get at least 80%.

3. Reinforce your knowledge

Use our innovative TMS™ to practice what you have learned without the risk of losing money.

Start your day trading Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

What learning opportunities do you provide for traders?

The partner application fee covers registration as well as the cost of the CubeX trading hardware your business will use to access the markets.

This is the mandatory minimum cost of becoming a trading business owner or professional trader with Day Trade The World™.

Does this course teach me how to manage traders?

Yes! Through our LMS and GLP programs, we provide new managers with full courses and support in learning how to manage a Trading Business with active traders.

We also offer online resources that you can read to learn more about how best to manage your business.

How much does it cost to take this course?

Training is included in the $500 partner application fee you pay when you sign up to become a Day Trade The World™ partner.

Make sure to ask your sales representative for access to our learning management system once you’ve completed the signup process.

Ready to get started?

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