Training For Day Traders and Managers

Learn everything you need about day trading, from the world of stocks to hiring and motivating your day trading team.

For years now, Trading Office Owners have been asking us - at conferences, over the phone, and via e-mail - questions about how they can make a six-figure income, or even a million dollars (!) as a full-time Trading Office Owner.

Questions like these:

What’s the recipe to create profitable traders? How many traders do the most profitable Trading Offices have? How do I make and keep my Trading Office profitable? What are the Three Pillars of Success™?

Now, as a Day Trade The World™ Trading Office Owner, you can get all the keys and learn to trade the markets with our online day trading courses. Why? Because we only make money when you make money.

New Managers Training

This short course has been developed specifically for New Managers. It covers everything you need to know to get your trading office up and operational.

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How our day trading courses can help New Managers to get his trading floor up and operational.

new manager training - introduction

Setting Up and Getting Connected

The Setting Up and Getting Connected Module outlines the space and equipment you will need to open your trading office. It also touches on what the New Manager should expect in the following days and weeks.

Remember: the Implementation Specialist is your guide to opening a trading office, he is there to assist you throughout the process.

new manager training - setting up

Operating Your Trading Office

The Operating Your Trading Office Module first touches on the resources and support that you have assess to, as a Day Trade the World™ trading office manager. It then discusses risk management, and market rules and regulations.

Our proprietary MPP risk system, and PPro8™ do much of the work for you when it comes to risk management and compliance.

By taking on these tasks, we hope to give you more time and energy to focus on the managerial work that will ensure your office is profitable: the Three Pillars of Success.

new manager training - operating trading floor

 The Three Pillar of Success

The Three Pillars of Success Course, developed for managers both new and experienced covers everything you need to know about RecruitingTraining and Managing traders.

new manager training - 3 pillars of success

Traders Training

We invite you to enjoy a new learning experience as we journey through this online day training. Our focus in this series of lessons is on teaching you the basics of day trading, to get you prepared to trade.

traders training - intro

  1st Phase

Learn more about history and fundamentals of the Market; go through Order Types and master all the basics required to become a successful trader.

traders training - phase 1

 2nd Phase

In this phase, you will learn all about Market Indexes and how they works; Learn more about Futures Markets and how you can trade them and become profitabe. Understand and master the concepts of Liquidity, Dark Liquidity and Hidden Orders.At the end of this phase, we will teach you 5 basics day trading strategies to let you start practising them on the TMS™.
traders training - phase 2

 3rd Phase

At this point you will go in-depth regarding market's Circuits BreaksHalts, and trading timelines. Learn what is Pre-Market Trading and After-Hours Trading and auctions.

traders training - phase 3

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So you can focus on learning our money-making secrets from the first minute you log in. You will learn how to trade stocks in a short period of time.


Each learning module comes in English, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin - including the audio tracks. And we keep adding new languages!

How Our Online Day Trading Courses Work

When trading the stock markets, the money-making opportunities are endless. That’s why we invest time, money and energies to deliver to you as many profit-making methods and secrets as we can.

Learn Our Money-Making Secrets... Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want!

Our new and expanded Web Learning Portal tells you everything is needed to do, and in which order, to make your Trading Office consistently profitable and quickly get on track to earn $100,000, $200,000…or even $300,000 a year or more - enough to make you a self-made millionaire within the next few years! Best of all, this day trading education program is 100% free if you start a trading office or already own one with us.


See why Day Trade the World is your best connection to 50+ global trading markets.

Each module consist of 3 different steps


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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless. You’ll love how our easy-to-follow presentations make it easy and fun to learn even the most advanced trading strategies.

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Use our clear, no-nonsense quizzes to get an instant feedback on your learning. You pass the test if you get at least 80%.

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Use our innovative TMS™ to practice what you have learned without the risk of losing money.

NEW Courses Coming Soon

We update our Training Platform periodically with new lessons, so you can enhance your skills and develop new day trading strategies.

These are the courses that will be released soon:

Forex Trading


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