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Euronext is the first pan-European exchange which includes Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, and Paris.


Currency: Euro (EUR)

Calendars & Hours

Order Types

  • Limit Buy/Sell→ShortSell (Day/IOC)
  • Market Buy/Sell→ShortSell (Day)

Basic Market Rules

  • Lot Size: 1 share.
  • Tick Size: varies by price and security type. Tick sizes for most equities are as follows:
Price Range (Euro) Tick Size (Euro)
0 to 9.999 0.001
10 to 49.995 0.005
50 to 99.99 0.01
100 and greater 0.05
  • Short Sale Rules: naked short selling is prohibited; locate required.
  • Circuit Breakers: Euronext has safeguards in place during auction and continuous trading phases.

Auction Mechanisms


The closing price is defined by the following closing mechanism

Auction means an auction conducted in a trading platform in respect to qualifying orders pursuant to the following process:

  • a) The auction price is the price with the maximum executable volume. If necessary the reference price is taken into account when establishing the auction price.
  • b) The Reference price is the last traded price in the Central Order Book
  • c) Orders are classified by direction and price-limit
  • d) Orders at the same limit are ranked chronologically and time prioritized
  • e) Orders will be executed according to price
    • i. Buy orders are executed in decreasing order
    • ii. Sell orders are executed in increasing order

Auction Periods

1. Regular Trading Hours (09:00 - 17:30)

  • Orders marked VFA (Valid For Auction) or VFC (Valid For Close) will be entered in the order book but kept hidden until the closing call
  • No closing orders will be matched
  • Orders may be entered, amended, and cancelled

2. Closing Auction (17:30 - 17:35)

  • Orders may be entered into the central order book to participate in the closing auction
  • Orders may not be modified or cancelled
  • No orders will be matched

3. Uncross (17:35)

  • Closing orders will be matched

Order Types: Limit, Market, and Market-on-Close orders are eligible to participate during the closing auction.

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