PPro8 Imbalance Locator

Use the PPro8 Imbalance Locator to see imbalance shares during a market’s opening and closing auctions.

Open the Imbalance Locator

1. On the PPro8 toolbar, click ImbalanceLocator.

2. The Imbalance Locator appears.

Imbalance Locator columns

  • Symbol: the symbol name
  • Size: the size of the imbalance shares
  • Side: the side of the imbalance shares, B (Buy), S (Sell), or N (Neutral)
  • Auction Price: the price for the auction
  • Continuous Price: the price for continuous trading
  • Continuous Price * Size: the price for continuous trading multiplied by share size
  • Market Time: the time at the market
  • Pair Volume: the number of shares already executed during the auction
  • Price: the price of the imbalance shares
  • Source: the source of the imbalance share data
  • Status: the status of the symbol
  • Type: the type of auction: C (Closing) or O (Opening)

Imbalance Locator Customization

To make changes to the Imbalance Locator settings, right-click in the Imbalance Locator to open the Imbalance Locator Customization. This window displays four main tabs on the left: Filters, Columns, Colors, and Font.


Use the Filters window to filter imbalance shares by market or symbol list.

  • Click the Filters tab to open the Filters window.

Filter and toggle imbalance shares

1. In the Filters window, select or clear the check box for each market or symbol list you want to display or hide imbalance data for.

2. Click Toggle Selection to switch between selections, i.e., select previously cleared check boxes and clear previously selected check boxes.

3. Click OK.

4. The filtered imbalance data appear.


Use the Columns window to manage columns that appear in the Imbalance Locator.

  • Click the Columns tab to open the Columns window.

Show a column in the Imbalance Locator

1. In the Columns window, click an item in the Unselected Items list.

2. Click the right arrow to move the item to the Selected Items list.

3. Click OK.

4. The column appears in the Imbalance Locator window.

Hide a column in the Imbalance Locator

1. In the Columns window, click an item in the Selected Items list.

2. Click the left arrow to move the item to the Unselected Items list.

3. Click OK.

4. The column is hidden from the Imbalance Locator window.


Use the Colors window to set the colors for the header, grid line, and rows.

  • Click the Colors tab to open the Colors window.

Set a color for the Imbalance Locator

1. In the Colors window, double-click a color box.

2. The Color Selector window appears. Click a color, and then click OK.

3. In the Colors window, click OK.

4. The color is set.


Use the Font window to set the overall font for the Imbalance Locator.

  • Click the Font tab to open the Font window.

Set a font for the Imbalance Locator

1. In the Font window, click Set Font.

2. The Select Font window appears.

3. Click the font, font style, size, effects, and writing system you want to set.

4. Click OK.

5. In the Customization window, click OK.

6. The font is set.

Use the GroupLink view to group the Imbalance Locator with other PPro8 tools.

  • Click the GroupLink tab to open the GroupLink view.

1. In the GroupLink view, select the check box for the Link Window to Group Number option, and then click or type the window group number.

2. Click OK.

3. The group link is set.

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CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International