PPro8 Script Monitor

Use the PPro8 Script Monitor to monitor and confirm script orders, such as Stop, Trailing Stop, Basket, and Order List.

Open Script Monitor

1. On the PPro8 toolbar, click ScriptMonitor.

2. The Script Monitor window appears.

Script Monitor components

The Script Monitor shows the following information for each script order:

  • Client Time (CltTm)
  • Server Time (SrvTm)
  • Script State (St)
  • Script ID (Id)
  • Type
  • Description (Desc)
  • Information (Info)
  • Office ID (OffId)

Stop a script

1. Right-click the script order you want to stop.

2. In the menu that appears, click Stop Script.

3. The script is stopped.

  • To cancel an active script, click the script order row, and then press Esc.

Save script information to clipboard

  • Right-click a cell or row, and then click Copy Cell to Clipboard or Copy Row to Clipboard to save to clipboard.

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CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International