Lowest Trading Fees in the World

Lower fees, higher profits. Take advantage of our trading volumes. Get the best trading fees in the world. Make a fully refundable payment of US$500 (per Office, fully refundable) to get started with the Setup and Training.

Trading Costs hurt your Trading Office Profits.

We avoid high trading costs by relying on a large number of Traders and Best Brokers. We have over 3,500 traders with direct-access to dozens of international stock markets. This wide range of trading diversity gives us exceptional economies of scale, which is why we have the lowest fees in the industry. We pass the savings from our low trading costs directly to Traders and Trading Office owners. This empowers our trading Office owners and Traders to trade more freely and make more money, ensuring that profits continue to skyrocket. Check our other pages. We have one of the most detailed Trading Sites on the web explaining how to start a Trading Office.

The Highest Payouts in the Industry

As a company, we are invested in our clients. We believe we should only profit when our clients profit. This business model may seem radical in the financial world, but it is a fundamental part of who we are. This is why we use the best stock brokers in the world. We ensure that our trading office owners are well compensated for the work they do. In fact, compared to others in the industry, we pay out the highest percentage of trading profits to trading office owners. We believe this helps trading office managers flourish, giving them the encouragement and means to earn more money. This unique philosophy has served us well for the past 20 years. And we intend to let it guide us for many more.

Your Cut


Forex, and CME-listed Futures trading.1


U.S., Canadian and Brazilian equities

All other markets

1. Day Trade The World™ takes 9% on Forex and CME-listed futures trading, 11% of all trading profits made on all U.S., Canadian and Brazilian equities and 16% on all other markets, so you would keep 91%, 89% and 84% respectively.

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